the arginonta bay in kalymnos

Arginonta Village

Arginonta village is a small graphic quiet village at the NorthWest side of Kalymnos island and at a distance of 16.5 km from the main port in Pothia.

At the area, the visitors can find restaurants, cafeterias and of course the magnificent Arginonta beach.

The crystal clear turquoise waters, the rounded pebbles and trees that surround Arginoda bay create a beautiful landscape.



Climbing in Arginonta Valley

Arginonta valley is one of the most beautiful areas for climbing. Either you are a begginer or an expert climber you will find a lot of interesting and exciting routes of the total 309 the area has without counting the climbing routes of the near areas that are just a 5 minute drive.
 The main crags of the area are Arginonta with 98 routes, Arginonta Skyline with 120 routes and Arginonta Valley with 91 routes.