Ecologigal Responsibility

The primary objective in the construction of our luxury homes, was to offer high quality services, always taking care not to burden the enviroment. For this purpose we implemented a number of practices, after much research and study, to minimize power consumption for the whole complex of housing.
Briefly we mention:

  • The ecological building materials we use are enviromental friendly and fully consistent with, such as the masonry and the kourasanit 50cm thick. Materials tied to tradition, most modern and most topical than ever. The use of natural materials not only provides the breath but also the longevity.
  • We take advantage of solar energy to heat water, having installed solar water heater. All rooms have except aircondition, fans as an alternative and entirely ecological source of coolness!
  • We collect from the hotel terraces rainwater, using it for watering the garden and to fill the outdoor pools. Also to have even more economical watering process, we have installed automatic irrigation system.
  • To prevent room heat loss, we have placed on all windows and doors double energy windows.
  • In some of the chambers, have been planted, with the aim other than aesthetics the excellent heat insulation of the rooms. So they stay cool in summer and warm in winter.
  • On the keys of the rooms there is an electronic card that is inserted when you enter the room, in a special housing in order to activate the electricity of the room. When exiting the room, while you take the key with the card, automatically and in a 10 second time period pauses entire grid of the room.
  • To reduce electricity consumption, we have placed in all areas of the hotel energy saving lamps. In public outdoors, lamps are operated with timer.
  • The wooden pergolas in house yards, covered with reeds, they create dense shade and natural cooling.